‘Nuances de Nuit’

Baby, it’s cold outside…. and the nights are long…. venture out this winter and come in where it’s warm and explore the ‘Nuances de Nuit’ (Shades of Night).

Presented by Belly Dance Amethyst, featuring guest performers from across Adelaide and set within the comfortable walls of Cafe Outside the Square, ‘Nuances de Nuit’ will keep you warm. This production is a variety night with a relaxed Cabaret Noir vibe, low lights, licensed bar, exquisite food and tantalising performances to to satiate the senses. Mingle through the venue, find a cosey corner, dance if the mood takes you… performances range from song to magic, live music to dance, all flavoured with a mix of sultry slink, dark humor, or mystery… The dancers of Amethyst will showcase their divine art of fusion, there is no limit to where they may take their unique blends of belly dance!

‘Nuances de Nuit’ (Shades of Night) will be on the 20th July, 2019.
Doors open at 7 pm, entertainment to flow for approximately 2 1/2 hours

Tickets $30 (this is a licensed event, patrons must me over 18 yr)
*ticket price includes catering of food

Tickets available through the following link, or by contacting Belly Dance Amethyst, 0406103295 or

Please message with your name and phone number so that we may have your ticket at the door for you.

Cafe Outside the Square is located at 34 Whitmore Square, Adelaide.

By attending this event, you are also doing your bit to help people experiencing homelessness and the underprivileged – as Cafe Outside the Square pour all of their profits back into their support and training programs for those less fortunate in the community. Belly Dance Amethyst is excited to work with this amazing venue!
Visit  for more information.

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