Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is a free flow guided movement meditation, drawing on the ancient art of belly dance, in a safe and supportive environment.

Release the mind and body, connect yourself to the divine feminine.

Belly dance need not be all about the costumes and sparkles. Belly dance can help us to be in tune with our mind and body, to celebrate our physical selves and respect our inner goddess. This low impact dance focuses on isolating each and every part of the body, creating freedom in movement and reducing stress.

Mindful Movement sessions will take part in a non-mirrored, low lit room, all judgements of ourselves and others will be left at the door. No dance history is required. Gentle instruction of safe belly dance technique will assist each dancer to gain the full potential of the class and access greater freedom of movement.


For more information or to register your interest, please phone Claire on 0406103295.

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