Solanges’ dance background began with classical/cabaret style of Middle Eastern dance, its variations and some Tribal study. A continuation and exploration of ATS, Tribal/World and Tribal fusion followed, and the inception of the Babylonia Tribal.
The core fundamentals of ATS as a base, layering and incorporating variations of Tribal, has led Solange to develop her own additional exciting and dynamic Tribal moves known as Babylonia Tribal Format. Opening the Tribal vocabulary to enable more creative freedom and complexity, while still capturing the basic rules and principles. This style of Belly Dance is Solanges’ true passion. She is experienced in performance with large “Tribes” to smaller groups and has been the choreographer and director of this established tribe and performance group, for over 7 years.
With this approach, the connection between students in class and at performance events makes the total dance experience, BIG FUN

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