A co-director and instructor at Belly Dance Amethyst, Gülten is of Turkish descent and is one of the few belly dancers of Middle Eastern heritage in Australia. Having performed this dance since childhood, she has Oriental dance in her DNA.

Beginning her formal study of belly dance in 2003, she became an instructor in 2005 and has continued her exploration of this dance in all its forms, studying with talented local and international artists.

While her passion lies with classical and contemporary Turkish and Egyptian style Oriental (belly dance), she also loves Middle Eastern and Central Asian regional styles to include Turkish Romany, Classical Persian and Turkic genres from the Silk Road.

Gülten has a Bachelor Degree in Language and Intercultural Communication and is Assistant to the President of the Turkish Association of South Australia (TASA). She thrives on sharing her passion of Middle Eastern and Central Asian dance and whilst doing so promoting the rich cultural heritage of these regions to Australian students and audiences. Through her, Belly Dance Amethyst is proud to represent the Turkish community and TASA at its official events.

As a hidden language of the soul, Gülten views dance as a wonderful way of transmuting one’s identity into the outer world embodiment of their physical appearance. Belly dance is the hidden language in her soul and she is passionate about sharing it with others

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