Jo first started belly dance classes in early 1997, and has been devoted to belly dance and all its styles ever since. She started performing in 2000, including during a brief stint in the U.S. She has attended {and continues to attend} many workshops by interstate and international dancers. She also regularly attends classes in order to keep up to date with different styles and other choreographies by other dancers and teachers.


Jo is influenced and inspired by other dance forms, especially flamenco, contemporary, fusion, and folkloric, and incorporates these varied influences into her own choreographies. She also loves using veils and swords, and is constantly experimenting with different types of music and ideas for choreographies.


Jo has been a “gym junkie” for many years, and also spent many years rock climbing and hiking in Australia and in a number of other countries. She has recently acquired her Certificate III (fitness instructor), and Certificate IV (personal trainer), and believes that a large variety of physical activities make for a versatile dancer, and helps keep a person’s zest for life alive.

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