Class Descriptions

Adelaide Bridgewater & Parafield Gardens
Belly Dance Class Descriptions

Belly Dance Amethyst has a fabulous variety of unique and special choreography every term. Here is our Adelaide Bridgewater & Parafield Gardens belly dance class descriptions for term 2 2017.


FOUNDATION – ADELAIDE & PARAFIELD GARDENS – Ya Hawa– steady paced romantic choreography.

Belly Fit - Join Joanne at 6pm Monday for Belly Fit. Suitable for all levels! A great way to get fit and have fun.

Technique & Drills - Suitable for beginners or Intermediate levels, Gulten will take you through your paces with lots of explanation and practice.

BRIDGEWATER - Kifach Hilti - For those new to belly dance, or dancers with some experience wanting to refine their technique, this class will focus on fundamental Oriental belly dance moves and key combinations. Over the course of term, we will combine playful accents and classic moves into intro a lively choreography to Kifach Hilti by Algerian singer and musician Djamel Laroussi.


INTERMEDIATE – Walk Like an Egyptian – A cheeky routine to a Middle Eastern version of the song made popular by the Bangles.

               Tribal with Zils – Tribal  – A steady paced group choreography working in groups and focussing of playing the Zils.

                    Istanbul Pas Constantinople  – A cute and sassy dance to an old classic.

                   Batalti Eli – Bridgewater Thursday – Props can be a great way to add some variety and drama to your dance and this term we will be using fans to add a touch of Spanish flavour to this Flamenco influenced fusion choreography. The hide and reveal of the fan adds an element of mystery to the dance, bringing a dramatic edge to the emotional lament of lost love, Batalti Eli (You’re No Longer Mine) by Palestinian band Zaman.

                     Indian Temple Fusion – Incorporating Hand Mudras, controlled dance poses, some work with other dancers and naturally some belly dance hip combos and strong fluid arms.

                    Thrills and Drills – Babylonia Friday - Drilling Babylonia Tribal format with Solange.

                    To Mistirio Chifteteli - A steady paced chifteteli with Greek instrumentation. No floor work required!

                    A Minute to Breathe - A slow emotionally charged Gothic fusion choreography dedicated to both physical and emotional connection between performers, and exploring the expression of loss and deninal for performance. The choreography, builds on from the travelling and pattern forming, with mirror work and cascades as well as physical contact with dancers with in the group. 




                    Isis Wings – Learn some new moves to use with Isis wings.

                    Continuation of Creativity - Advanced Tribal Moves – Join Solange Friday nights.



For more information on Adelaide & Bridgewater Belly Dance Class Descriptions, contact Belly Dance Amethyst.