What is Belly Dance?

Belly Dance is a low impact activity and an excellent way to improve your fitness and flexibility.
Belly Dance Amethyst’s instructors are world class in the field of dance. Each instructor at our Adelaide & Bridgewater studios has extensive experience and brings with them diverse dance skills. With an impressive portfolio, their classes can only be described as Inspirational. An exciting range of courses are available, catering for the beginner through to dancers at performance and professional levels. Becoming a student of Belly Dance Amethyst is about empowering yourself while learning self-expression through this vibrant style of dance in a welcoming environment.




Experience is the key!

Meet Myra, owner and accomplished instructor at Adelaide's Belly Dance Amethyst.
Myra's dance studies and experience have been wide and varied in Australia and overseas. After studying ballet for many years with Joanne Priest she began a 20 year exploration of the dance styles of Europe, the Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia and the Middle East, becoming an instructor in 1983. As a result she has developed a passion for exotic rhythms; the lilting cadences of Macedonian, Bulgarian and Middle Eastern rhythms are amongst her favourites. Myra attends expert workshops in Australia and overseas with world renowned dancers. BE INSPIRED TO BE YOURSELF!